If Only I Had a Slice of Cake About My Person



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Freya watches Game of Thrones. Episode 1.

I’m waiting for the boiler man to come. I am watching the first episode of Game of Thrones. It is called Winter is Coming.

By the look of it, winter has already come. There is a lot of snow.

Are these dead people or porcelain dolls?

Can this man walk?

This man very much wants people to get back on their horse. I wonder what this means. Oh the suspense.

They seem to have gotten back on the horses.

Why so capey?

They found something and I don’t think the horses like it. How will they get back on their horses now? Everyone’s lost their shit and started running away and crying.

Someone’s had their beard beheaded.

Oh theme tune! I know the theme tune. Game of Thrones YEAH.

I wouldn’t trust a child that small with a bow and arrow. Bad parenting.

They still think winter is coming. I’m not sure they know how seasons work.

Someone else is dead. I’m not sure I like this. I wonder what a white walker is. The walkers didn’t look very white to me. The all looked black and capey. Or maybe I’m thinking of the wrong people.

Why are all these moose dead. OH A WOLF A WOLF. No don’t kill the wolf. You’re all shitty people. Oh is this the wolf? The sad wolf? Oh so they’ve gone from killing all the wolves to having pet wolves? These people of dysfunctional.

Are these the inappropriate brother and sister?

Look at me just casually admiring my sword.

Someone else is dead.

Where’s Joffrey. I like Joffrey. I don’t know who he is but I took a buzzfeed quiz and it said I was Joffrey. Do you think he was meant to be called Geoffrey? Because Joffrey isn’t a name really is it?

These men are very… Toned.

Apparently the king is coming. If the king’s anything like winter, he’s probably already arrived.

JOFFREY’S LIKE… A TINY CHILD?These people are really creepy.

Where’s this supposed to be set? I don’t think any of this is real. No one lives like this.

All these people are Hagrid.

Edard? Edard??? What are these names. You can’t just make up names by removing a a single letter.

Oh boobies. Boobies and a small person. Someone’s just walked in and apparently that’s just cool? Oh more boobies. What is this world.

So now we’re across the sea with some albinos. Male albino seems a bit off. Lady albino doesn’t really seem to say much.

Christ. We’ve got another uncle Hagrid.

The… What’s the word I’m meant to use? Small person? Little person? Dwarf? Well, anyway the gentleman who is shorter than your average gentleman has a lovely voice.

They still keep saying that winter’s coming. Idiots.

I’m cold. Is winter coming?

I think something important just happened. Something about murder and fleeing. I know this because the music crescendoed.

Baps everywhere.

I think Albino male is not the best of people.

Poor albino female has her baps out again. This time for a man with a very vague grasp of the English language. Oh well. We’ve all done it.

That wolf is going to die.

Probably that child too.

In fact. Probably all these people are going to die.

What’s the point.

Did that child just die?

I was right in two counts.

Dead child and brother and sister who love each other in a special way. I’m magic.





what is snoop dogg even doing with his life

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what is snoop dogg even doing with his life

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Daddy. Biscuits. Spoon me like a person.

Chelsea pens her first anthem.